Memories Engraved as Today Slips Into Yesterday...

Seems like it was just yesterday as i stepped in the unfamiliar hallways of college, breathing in the new surroundings, putting on my 'bitch facade' to mask the strange butterflies in my gut. But now, before you can even say 'fuck' backwards, 3 terms, 1 yr, it passed just like *snap* that. Friends came and went, *so did boys*, Hawaiian night, Orientation night, Prom night, World Chef's Day, Pastry Story!, bla bla bla etc etc... Basically its a whole mixture of losing something but gaining back something else in return. Be it BFF's or BF's, experience, fun & laughter, your virginity or wtv, i dunno. Its college man... Simply put, for me, its been a complete circle of a bigger circle.

Though it hasnt been smooth sailing the whole way, but my college mates and I, we've gone from cock-staring each other and feeling intimidated, to getting acquainted, to being cam-whore buddies... Its a typical case of 'Dont judge a book by its cover' i guess. I believe that each of us, we live in a Masquerade. Its like a daily masked-ball. We each put on a front. This is when chances are given and true colours are given an opportunity to peek out from behind this veil. Its an advantage college gives us. And its where (social) relationships spark and bloom.

After my one wk at Bali and Thailand, it'll be Christmas and New Years and right after, our internships will be starting. Im not one who's good at handling separations. For people like Gi, babe im 5mins away from your place, ill come by (: As for the Boo, we'll work something out on my off-days aight, love? Last but not least, the brother/sisterhood and hustlers, one more stop with Anthony before we part aye? Probably Alexis this time *wink*...

Regardless, whether or not any of us are as close as we were before we leave our comfort zone, memories are still engraved in each of us, even as today slips into yesterday...

Hearts the Bitches
<3 the Shorty Boo
xoxo the Brother/Sisterhood & Hustlers

Im so emo. Fuck :'(

~ Leaving On A Jet Plane - Jewel ~
* Nothing but Black.

The Blind Lovers... Literally

Gi: I miss going out with you... ):

Me: We just went out that day... -.-

Gi: As in... movies and all that...

Me: Yeah i get what you mean. like going out shopping whole day together and all. not just yum cha.

Gi: Yalor. haha damn sweet right our lesbianic moments. Lol

Me: yeah last time we paktoh thats why so sweet. now married d dont bother.

Gi: married d dont bother wtf. Now stable edi no need to go berdating right. Lol

...and the bf wants me to divorce her -.- sorry baby but no can do! x) *<3 GiGi* spent quite some time with the shorty last wk. went for lunch, movies the usual sappy stuff. made him watch xmas carol again. in 3D. Again. those glasses do get in the way *ahem* ;) officially dislike Library now. old man's joint yet its always full. ended up in Laundry 2days in a row because. GiGi got tipsy thx to '2 fingers' *thinks dirty* and Mojito which Charmaine still cant believe i ate the leaves o.O nearly got into an accident with a fucking Indian *no offence to all my oreos out there* who's wife stuck her middle finger at me while carrying her baby in the car when it wasnt even my fault *cross my heart*. i curse that kelisa's ppl to get down syndrome, retardation, herpes, STD and malaria for 5 damn generations. ugh... The bf wore his safety belt in my car after *ass*... had potluck at Kelly's which i was a total bad influence to his younger sis *sorry Kelvs*. Laundry again after. flashed my bra cuz i wore the wrong one with the wrong top. FML. Seeing the chindian party-without-a-stop-button reminded me of Faiz whom i miss sigh. Missing the shorty already. Finals in a wk. Relatives FINALLY leaving my hse. Yet to bring Kuan out before he goes back to Sydney. and... im fucked with Mandarin Oriental. Good job *pats self on head* crap crap blah blah yaddi daddi dah boom boom... bye.

Joke of the wk:

Satu tolak satu...?
* ... satu jatuh! x)
sepet less than 3's shorty (:

~ Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas ~
* Nothing but Black.

Different Names for The Same Things

"Different shyt same day
Same shyt different day

Different shyt same people
Same shyt different people

Different people same day
Same people different day

Different situation same people
Same situation different people"

how do i sum up my feelings?
what do i do?
the cards they just keep dealing,
emotions add up too.

i try and run but i cant hide,
i cant deny wat i feel inside.

live with it, suck it up,
why's my life so full of fuck?

life goes on, its so unfair,
the injustice i have to bear.

follow my feelings, or let it go,
this facade is getting too damn old.

* Torn - Natalie Imbruglia *
~ Nothing but Black.


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~ reach for the marker, not for the blade...
...ive done my part, have you done yours?

* Where Is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas *
~ Nothing but Black.

who i am hates who ive been

OMG an ant died and resurrected in my Ribena... -.- no shyt.

so i having a glass of ribena at home when founnd a dead (not moving) ant in it. so i use my straw, got it out, put it on the inner top side of my glass and continue drinking (still not moving...) i go on doing my own things occasionally taking sips from my cup (its effing DEAD and stuck hard to my glass i swear) when about 45mins later i glance at my cup and WTF ITS GONE! O.O im 110% sure it didnt fall back down into my glass and me drinking it, neither did another insect crawl in my glass, eat the damn ant and crawl back out, and i HIGHLY DOUBT another ant took its body back to bury... so WTF... no shyt im amazed.

(wtf at the ant not me -.-)

if only humans could die, resurrect and start life anew...

Sexy Bitch - David Guetta ft Akon *
~ Nothing but Black.

Music and Lyrics

All you want is Love's Facade

* 无底洞 - 蔡健雅 *
~Nothing but Black.

Is This As Hard As It Gets

If anyone asks
I'll tell them we both just moved on
When people all stare
I'll pretend that i don't hear them talk
Whenever i see you, i'll swallow my pride and bite my tongue
Pretend i'm okay with it all
Act like there's nothing wrong

If anyone asks
I'll tell them we just grew apart
Yet what do i care
If they believe me or not
Whenever i feel your memory is breaking my heart
I'll pretend i'm okay with it all
Act like there's nothing wrong

I'm talking in circles
I'm lying, they know it
Why won't this all go away?

* Cry - Kelly Clarkson *
~ Nothing but Black.