Memories Engraved as Today Slips Into Yesterday...

Seems like it was just yesterday as i stepped in the unfamiliar hallways of college, breathing in the new surroundings, putting on my 'bitch facade' to mask the strange butterflies in my gut. But now, before you can even say 'fuck' backwards, 3 terms, 1 yr, it passed just like *snap* that. Friends came and went, *so did boys*, Hawaiian night, Orientation night, Prom night, World Chef's Day, Pastry Story!, bla bla bla etc etc... Basically its a whole mixture of losing something but gaining back something else in return. Be it BFF's or BF's, experience, fun & laughter, your virginity or wtv, i dunno. Its college man... Simply put, for me, its been a complete circle of a bigger circle.

Though it hasnt been smooth sailing the whole way, but my college mates and I, we've gone from cock-staring each other and feeling intimidated, to getting acquainted, to being cam-whore buddies... Its a typical case of 'Dont judge a book by its cover' i guess. I believe that each of us, we live in a Masquerade. Its like a daily masked-ball. We each put on a front. This is when chances are given and true colours are given an opportunity to peek out from behind this veil. Its an advantage college gives us. And its where (social) relationships spark and bloom.

After my one wk at Bali and Thailand, it'll be Christmas and New Years and right after, our internships will be starting. Im not one who's good at handling separations. For people like Gi, babe im 5mins away from your place, ill come by (: As for the Boo, we'll work something out on my off-days aight, love? Last but not least, the brother/sisterhood and hustlers, one more stop with Anthony before we part aye? Probably Alexis this time *wink*...

Regardless, whether or not any of us are as close as we were before we leave our comfort zone, memories are still engraved in each of us, even as today slips into yesterday...

Hearts the Bitches
<3 the Shorty Boo
xoxo the Brother/Sisterhood & Hustlers

Im so emo. Fuck :'(

~ Leaving On A Jet Plane - Jewel ~
* Nothing but Black.

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